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Privacy Policy
The purpose of this Privacy Policy is for the use of the website (“Site”) shared by the User and/or Members with OLEF Yazılım Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi (“Company”) or by the Company during the use of the Site. to determine the terms and conditions regarding the use of the information and data obtained. This Privacy Policy is an annex and an integral part of the Terms of Use and Membership Agreement, and non-defined terms are used as defined in the relevant texts. The Company may disclose the information transmitted to it electronically through the Site to its employees, subcontractors, business partners and affiliates who need to know, in accordance with the Terms of Use, the Membership Agreement if the User is a Member, and the purposes and scope of this Privacy Policy. will not disclose to anyone. In this context, the Company undertakes to keep confidential information strictly private and confidential, to consider it a confidentiality obligation, to ensure and maintain confidentiality, to take the necessary measures to prevent all or any part of confidential information from entering the public domain or unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party, and to take all necessary measures. is committed to care. The said information can be used to contact the User and/or Member regarding the services they provide from the Site, to improve the User and/or Member's experience on the Site, to improve existing services, to create new services and to provide personalized services, as well as for the person concerned. It can also be used for the purpose of making various statistical evaluations, creating a database and conducting market research without disclosing its identity. The Company will be able to use this information for any other activity to generate income by anonymizing it. The User and/or Member, without being limited to the above-mentioned purposes, may store, use and otherwise process information on the device and location information, Site usage statistics and real estate advertisements displayed by the User or Member, and that this information can be anonymized and made available to third parties. accepts and declares that it can be forwarded to third parties. In case of further approval from the person concerned, the said information may be processed and stored by the Company for the purpose of sending commercial electronic messages and direct marketing, and may be forwarded to third parties providing services to the Company within this scope. In addition, the promotion of products and services through the said information, etc. may be contacted to make notifications about the activities. In addition to the above issues, the company anonymizes the information regarding the transactions carried out on the Site; to be used in statistical evaluations, performance evaluations, marketing campaigns of the Company and its business partners, annual reports and similar reports, can be stored, processed and forwarded to business partners for the realization of these purposes. company may also share information with third parties other than those listed above, provided that the following conditions exist: • Relevant disclosure is mandatory in order to fulfill the obligations under the Terms of Use and/or Membership Agreement,  • Requesting information about the members for the purpose of conducting a research or investigation duly carried out by an authorized administrative and judicial institution in line with the relevant legislation,  • It is necessary to provide information to protect the rights or safety of the person concerned. The Company may obtain information about Members and Users' use of the Site by using cookies, which is a technical communication file, process data in this context and transmit it to third parties for processing within the scope of analysis services offered by third parties. Said technical communication files are small text files that a Site sends to the User's browser to be stored in the main memory. The technical communication file saves the status and preference settings about a website, making it easier to use the Internet in this sense. The technical communication file is used to obtain statistical information about how many people use the Site on a temporal basis, for what purpose, how many times a person visits the Site, and for how long, and to dynamically generate advertisements and content from user pages specially designed for Users/Members. It is designed to assist and is used for these purposes. The technical communication file is not designed to retrieve any other personal information from the main memory. Most of the browsers are initially designed to accept the technical communication file, but users can always change the browser settings so that the technical communication file does not arrive or a warning is given when the technical communication file is sent. The Company determines and uses the IP address of the User and/or Member when necessary, in order to identify the problems related to the Site and to solve any problems that may arise immediately. IP addresses can also be used to identify the User and/or Member in a general way and to collect comprehensive demographic information. The Company has the right to transfer data related to the above-mentioned purposes to its servers (servers may belong to itself, its affiliates or subcontractors) located anywhere in the world other than the country of residence of the User and/or Member. The Company may change the provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time. The provisions of the Privacy Policy amended by the Company become effective on the date of publication.
Personal Data Protection Policy
OLEF SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY INC. PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION AND PROCESSING POLICY INFORMATION FORM - Document Name: OLEF SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY INC. Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy - Target Audience: All real persons other than the employees of OLEF SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY INC., whose personal data are processed by OLEF SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY INC. - Prepared by: OLEF SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY INC. Personal Data Protection Committee - Version: 1.0 Effective Date: 01/01/2022 - In cases where there is a conflict between the Turkish version of the Policy in which it was prepared and any translation version, the Turkish text should be taken into account. © OLEF SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY INC., 2022 - This document may not be reproduced or distributed without the written permission of OLEF SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY INC.

Officer Contacts:

Officer: Tolunay  TEL: +905383760273 – Place: Turkey / Etik Gayrimenkul Real Estate & Invesment – Expertise: Construction Engineer
Language: English & Turkish

Officer: Emir TEL: +905383760273 – Place: Turkey / Etik Gayrimenkul Real Estate & Invesment – Expertise: Official Invesment Advisor
Language: Turkish

Officer: Tilda – TEL: +31620198149 – Place: Holland / King Real Estate & Invesment – Expertise: Official Invesment Advisor
Language: Dutch & German

Officer: Deniz – TEL: +905327727143 – Place: Turkey / Orundaş Gayrimenkul Real Estate & Invesment – Expertise: Official Invesment Advisor
Language: Arabic & Armenian & Syriac