City of two continents, one of the most visited communities in the world Turkey's most populous city and also the cultural and financial center

Located on both sides of the Bosphorus

The population is estimated to be over 35 million

One of the largest community in Europe and Turkey World.

Our land is in the city right in the heart of the tourist area, but the most It is the only land with a Bosphorus view in the region, in a very different prisoner with the neighboring residential segment, and the area appeals to the upper classes of the Turkish Community.

Two important restaurants in our area.



Our Land - the last realm of ULUS

Five times the size of these two restaurants

The land of these two restaurants belongs to the state and the municipality. No zoning rights

They have different customer targets, they belong to different restaurant segments.

There is a great demand for other places in that region, but unfortunately all the land is used for residential purposes.

SNM Consulting is recommended for restaurant and boutique hotel permits.

Kültür Mahallesi, Ahmet Adnan Saygun Caddesi, Aydınlık Caddesi, harita 8, 1227 parsel, 2 parsel, Ulus-Beşiktaş/İSTANBUL TÜRKİYE


Owner Families are among the well-known names in the professional jewelry business both in Turkey and in the Grand Bazaar.

• Before them, this land belonged to Princess Fazila, who was engaged to Iraqi King Faisal, who was killed a few days before their wedding in the 50s. Later it belonged to a high-ranking general in the Turkish Republican Army.


• 4 old wooden houses with barns that are abandoned in the forest and are not currently used


• Family members prefer to turn off each of their posts


• Istanbul province, Beşiktaş district, Kuruçeşme district, Istanbul street

Zincirlikuyu and Kireçhane, parcel number is “76/1 pa]a, block 1227, parcel 2. The land registry is registered as “Wooden House with 2 Barns and Garden”. The total area of ​​the land is 6.432.5 m2.


• The plot has a Bosphorus view. existing rights

According to the 1/1000 map development plan, it is within the scope of the law dated 22.07.1983.

• A new residence can be rebuilt on the basis of the existing foundation, with 4 different houses with a total indoor area of ​​2.000 m2 and an add-on garden house.


• However, if the land is used for commercial or tourism purposes: BOUTIQUE HOTEL.

It has the official option to develop as a HOTEL or Restaurant/club. Projects connected to this alternative are already ready and reasonable for an innovation application.


sale price: $45,000,000

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  • Area
    6432,5 m2
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