To the attention of the Honorable Official;

The land in the project, the feasibility of which has been prepared (25898 blocks, 8 parcels); Dikmen Caddesi No: 550 (New Oran) It is a health land of 2,563 m2 in Ankara. We got the necessary permits and licenses to build a hospital by having architectural projects and financial projects done for our hospital project. After we got permission from the Ministry of Health to build a hospital on 13/02/2008, the Ministry of Health no longer gives permission with a new regulation dated 15/02/2008. It is going to a new structure. From now on, hospitals will be planned outside the city or as a build-operate-transfer.

As a result, it is one of the last private hospital projects to be built in the city center in Ankara. Since pre-authorization is absolutely necessary to build a hospital, we received offers from many hospital groups only to "buy our license". With and without Project (empty land) Appraisals are available (2011,2013,2019,2023). Project feasibility was prepared using very realistic data and working data of existing hospitals. While preparing the Cash Flow Statement and operating feasibility, it was envisaged that the hospital would operate with 50% capacity in the first year, and reached 60% capacity in the 2nd year, 75% in the 3rd year, 90% in the 4th year and 100% in the following years. assumed to be operating at capacity.

During the preparation of the project, a construction license for a closed area of ​​17,068 m2 was obtained on a land of 2,563 m2 and a floor area of ​​1.381 m2, "as a result of great efforts". Our project is a hospital project with a closed area of ​​17,068 m2. There are 8 operating theaters and 33 polyclinics in the 100-bed project. The subject we focused on while the first projects were being prepared was that the hospital should be a specialty hospital incorporating high technology in a completely international format.

However, with the demographic structure of Turkey and the health policies of the state, we have reached the final point in building a general hospital that includes all departments but highlights one branch. 28 normal rooms, 4 VIP suites, 8 operating theaters and observation beds and a 58-bed specialized hospital planned in feasibility; With the latest regulations and decisions of the Ministry of Health, it has been transformed into a 100-bed General Hospital.

As can be seen from the table, the hospital investment in Turkey is State Hospitals with 48.95%. Considering that there are state hospitals in the university hospitals and military hospitals that follow, there is still a great lack of private hospitals. Nowadays, when the population of Turkey is 80 million, there is a need for tens of thousands of beds according to the number of beds per person. It is possible and appropriate to close this with private hospitals by going in line with government policies. For the hospital project we want to do in Ankara province, Çankaya district, Dikmen Mevkii; architectural projects were prepared and T.C. Preliminary Permission Certificate was obtained from the Ministry of Health to build a private hospital. With this Preliminary Permit and architectural project, Çankaya Municipality was visited and Construction Building Licenses were obtained by preparing electricity, plumbing, static, elevator, communication, landscape, IKSA and geological ground survey projects. Due to our current situation, we are ready to start construction tomorrow. While preparing the projects, the medical materials, furniture group and necessary consumables to be used were calculated and the project was prepared on a turnkey basis. Completely, technical tables have been prepared and all necessary permits and licenses have been obtained with this study.

The Property

Main Use: Land zoned for Hospital Development

The subject property is an empty land parcel with some 2,563 sq m zoned for hospital

use. The land is located in the Çankaya municipality in the neighbourhood of Akpınar

directly facing the main Dikmen Caddesi and 833 Sokak in a well-known residential

area of Yeni Oran.


Freehold. We have been provided with a copy of the Land Registration document (i.e.

Title Deed) dated as 07.06.1996 indicating that the subject property is freehold and

owned by us.


The subject property is centrally located on the main Dikmen Caddesi in a major

residential area of Ankara known as Yeni Oran. The land has acquired all the approvals for zoning and licenses from the municipality of Çankaya. High zoning to the land with two times the land area (Floor Area Ratio), and there is no height restriction. The land has direct frontage to the main Dikmen Caddesi and within close proximity to the city centre and Konya Street.

The Health Hospital Zoning is quite limited to the land parcels in Ankara. The street where the property is located and its surrounding areas are mainly dedicated to upper-class residential units. In certain hours of the day, there could be some traffic congestion.




  • Area
    2563 m2
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